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I have taken WhiteShark MixPro with me on so many trips, I can't imagine diving without it now!

 - Max Reigner, Scuba Diver

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Agile. Durable. Powerful.

Explore the Underwater World with Ease

WhiteShark MixPro is an underwater scooter that features a detachable buoyancy tank which allow new divers to explore down to 5 meters (16.4 feet) below the surface. More experienced divers and snorkelers can detach the buoyancy tank and explore down to 40 meters (131 feet) below the surface. 

Perfect Companion for All Level Users

WhiteShark MixPro’s built-in color LED screen displays power consumption, battery level, and speed.

With two-gear speed options, WhiteShark MixPro allows you to go fast to experience the thrill, or go slow and take in the breath-taking view.

Capture Every Moment Of Your Adventure

WhiteShark MixPro is more than a simple underwater scooter. With various accessories it doubles as an underwater filming tool, capturing amazing footage of your aquatic adventure to share on your social media. The camera mount on WhiteShark MixPro supports smartphones and action cameras. We also have an LED light accessory launching soon to help you see better underwater.

Multiple AccessoriesCapture Your Cherished Moment Everytime

Smartphone Case Mount

Selfie Stick

LED Light & Light Mount

Coming Soon

Now Live on Kickstarter!

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