Reliable Dual-motor Underwater Scooter 

For Your Aquatic Adventure

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Sublue Mix Pro is the first underwater scooter with the dual-motor that makes your underwater exploration easy and full of fun. Streamlined design, 2 gears speed option, lasts for 60 minutes and down up to 132 feet ( 40 m ) depth, it is perfect for both beginners and advanced divers. 

With multiple accessories, you can easily take it for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or just enjoy the pool with your family in different ways safe and sound. And capture every cherished moment throughout your aquatic adventure. 

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Agile. Durable. Powerful.

Explore the Underwater World with Ease

The Mix Pro is designed to give you a piece-of-mind underwater. A single charge lasts up to 60 minutes. Save your energy and start your adventure up to 132 feet (40 m) underwater. With two gears of speed option, Mix Pro can let you enjoy the scenery or give you underwater excitement. 

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With our Safelock system, the motors only start when the two buttons are pressed simultaneously and then accelerating gradually. No rush out anymore. Keep your underwater adventure safe and sound.

The low battery display reminds you of recharging during your adventure. Immersed in the fantastic scenery and didn’t notice it? Never mind. The floater of Mix Pro will keep it stay still and not drag you down. Take it to the surface with ease.

Durable than Ever

Perfect Companion for All Level Users

With our patented materials, sand and corrosion are not a problem. Making Mix Pro more durable than the competitive scooters in the market. 

Unlike the lead-acid battery needs regular maintenance, it features the Lithium battery, lightweight and durable. Rapid charging within 2 hours, extending your underwater exploration more than ever.

Multiple Accessories

Capture Your Cherished Moment Everytime

Smartphone Case Mount

LED Light & Light Holder

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Camera Holder

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